National Centre for the Sport Developpement
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Since 2013, the National Centre for the Development of Sport (CNDS) has been committed to developing partnerships with companies that want to get involved in promoting the practice of sports.

The Ministry of Budget indicated, by letter dated 31st January 2014, that CNDS had been admitted to the judicial regime of sponsorship set out in article 238 bis-1-a of France’s General Tax Code.

Consequently, on 25 March 2014, CNDS’ board of directors adopted deliberation n°2014-10 authorising CNDS to accept donations and legacies in the name of sponsorship in order to finance the institution’s statutory objectives.

What was sponsored in 2015 ?

The US Coca-Cola Foundation, CNDS’ first sponsor, confirmed in May 2014, its donation to CNDS of €540,000 a year for three years.

CNDS and the Coca-Cola Foundation decided to reserve the donations specifically to the battle against youth obesity in people between the ages of 12 and 25. Two approaches have therefore been developed :

    • the organisation of various ways of preventing and treating obesity in certain regions
    • the organisation of a national watchdog devoted to observing physical activity and sedentary behaviour

For more information : Download the call for projects published 11th February 2015

Two scientific committees, organised 5th May and 25th June 2015, selected : :

A third scientific committee will meet at the beginning of October 2015. Following this, CNDS may launch a new call for projects, submissions for which will be expected in the autumn 2015, which, if launched, will allow the DRJSCS to spark and guide new projects.

Would you like to become a sponsor and contribute to the development of physical and sports activities ?
Contact Jean-Francois GUILLOT, General Manager of CNDS at
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