National Centre for the Sport Developpement
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The National Centre for Sports Development (CNDS) is a public institution under the administrative supervision of the ministry responsible for sports. It was founded in 2006, partly to take over from the National Foundation for Sports Development (FNDS) which was an earmarked account set up in 1979 and closed on 31st December 2005 as a result of the organic law budget appropriation act passed on 1st August 2001.

The creation of this public institution allowed for improved revenue appropriation (levies on profits from gambling companies such as ‘La Francaise des Jeux’, ‘Paris Sportifs’, and the reinvestment of sporting events revenue) towards supporting and developing the practice of sport. This redistribution is organised in the form of competitions open to regional councils and public interest groups involved in physical and sports activities, with financial incentives in the form of subsidies towards equipment or operating costs. In 2014, CNDS was composed of 24 agents under the authority of the Managing Director, Jean-Francois Guillot. Link to CNDS organisation chart

Our objectives

The first article of the Sports Code (L.100-1) states that ‘physical and sports activities are an important part of education, culture, integration and social life’ and that ‘in particular, they play a part in the battle against academic failure and the goal to reduce social and cultural inequality, as well as improving health’. As an actor for the government, CNDS actively participates in attaining these goals. Our objectives are set out in article R411-2 of the sports code which states that CNDS contributes to :

The development of sport and its practice by as many people as possible
New guidelines have been developed since 2012 in the form of subsidies of funds or equipment to sports associations, which has strengthened CNDS’ impact in the development of sports practice for everybody, everywhere. Since 2014, new regional allocation criteria have taken account of the inequality of access to the practice of sports. In order to ensure effectiveness in lowering regional inequality, funding and equipment subsidies are prioritised to a limited number of beneficiaries. In order to improve public communication on the topic, CNDS has also launched a fund to support audiovisual promotion of sports practice for women and the disabled.

Access to high-level sports and the organisation of sports events
Hosting large international sports events (GESI) contributes to sports development, social and cultural life, the economy and regional development. These events help to promote France at an international level, and expand France’s international reputation as a sporting country. This is why CNDS has been in charge of supporting the organisation of over 130 large international sports events since 2009.

Improving the management and professionalisation of sport
Since 2014, CNDS has been supporting in particular the creation of jobs which contribute to the practice of sport - an important tool in realising government policy in this area.

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