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How does it work ?

Hosting major international sports events (GESI) contributes to the development of sport, to social cohesion, culture, the economy and urban development. These events promote the expansion of France’s international reputation and consequently reinforce our country’s sporting identity.

This is why, since 2009, the National Centre for the Development of Sports (CNDS) has been responsible for supporting the organisation of major international sporting events. Over 130 events have since been supported by our institution.

CNDS’ board of directors voted for 2015’s budget to include €5 million for the support of international sporting events.

In addition to financial support, CNDS has set up a support procedure for project initiators :

    • Organising meetings where events-organisers can exchange experiences with each other (mostly federations), and so that we can improve our support for them when they bring these projects to fruition.
    • Putting together a sporting event evaluation process. This process has two purposes for the organisers :
    • evaluate the impact of the event relative to their objectives
    • improve awareness of the objectives of all the stakeholders in the organisation to increase the attractiveness of events

Who are the beneficiaries ?

The following organisations may apply to CNDS for financial support for major international sporting events :

    • A sports federation, and by extension, the association that is in charge of organising the event
    • A local authority
    • A public interest group (GIP)

Who reviews the applications for funding ?

Submitted applications are examined by a board made up of representatives from the Sports Directive, the Inter-ministerial Delegation for Major Sporting Events (DIGES) and the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF). This board is in charge of assessing projects, prioritising applications and providing an estimation of the amount of funding proposed.

Following the board’s opinions, CNDS’ own board of directors reviews those funding amounts proposed by the Managing Director.

What are the conditions for funding ?

When requesting funding :

    • Applications must be completed and submitted to CNDS by the given deadline, as soon as the decision to apply or to organise the event has been made by the project initiator.
    • Candidates must give evidence of the project’s feasibility, and of a strong capacity for managing the project.
    • Applicants / beneficiaries must prove, using their forecasted budget and procedure plan, that they are capable of managing public funds responsibly and efficiently.

Following the board’s consideration :

    • The government and CNDS’ contribution to the application project or to the organisation of the event will be realised and recognised in similar conditions to the recognition given to private sector companies for similar support.
    • Funding agreements between CNDS and the organiser outline the conditions of the financial support and the extent of CNDS’ control of the project.
    • CNDS’ agents must have access to the information and documentation associated with the application or hosting project, in order to supervise the information communicated and to be able to assess how successful the funding is in achieving the objectives of hosting major events.
    • The project initiator will submit to CNDS at the latest six months after the end of the event, the definitive accounts of the project, approved by the accountant and the president of the federation. These accounts are to be accompanied by a detailed report of the subsidised event.

In no event does CNDS guarantee to cover the incurred deficit of an application or organisation project.

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