National Centre for the Sport Developpement
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Which events ?

The National Centre for the Development of Sport (CNDS) is the exclusive supporter of the organisation of, or applications to host, exceptional global or European events in the senior category(1) for high level disciplines(2) and of the effort to spread France’s reputation throughout Francophone countries and French territories and protectorates, on the condition that they requested CNDS’ support before being awarded the event.

Which criteria are important ?

Le CNDS appréciera les critères généraux suivants :

    • The level of relevance of the event with regards to the discipline
    • The prestige of the event
    • international promotion of France’s image and communication on the subject of the practice of sports and sporting culture
    • reinforcement of France’s image….
    • The quality of the event (organisation, promotion, communication, the number of athletes and participants etc.)
    • The support of the sports federation concerned
    • The possibility of re-using and/or recycling new or renovated constructions
    • The credibility of the budget
    • Effort made towards sustainable development and social responsibility

The department of Major International Sports Events (GESI) is ready and available to provide you with information about the eligibility of your request.

Précisions :

  • (1)official international competitions listed in international federation calendars during the Olympiad in question, and leading to the award of an international title or international ranking
  • (2)According to current regulations and the National High-Performance Sports Commission, recognition of a discipline as high-performance is valid for the period of one Olympiad. This remains automatic for disciplines registered on the Olympic games programme. The automatic status is also accorded to Paralympic disciplines for which there is a French national team. Other disciplines may, at the request of the appropriate designated federation, apply for recognition by submitting an application which is assessed by the National High-Performance Sports Commission (CNSHN).
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