National Centre for the Sport Developpement
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This is an explanation of how the National Centre for Sports Development (CNDS), public administrative institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Urban Affairs, Youth and Sports, sources and re-invests its funding.
The majority of funding comes from taxes on the profits of gambling companies such as La Francaise des Jeux and from the television broadcasting rights, called the ‘Buffet tax’.

Figures from 2014


Revenu :
In 2014, CNDS received €273,6 M million in revenue.
Of this, 80%, that is €220.2 million, came from La Francaise des Jeux.


Broken down, this came from :


Expenditures :
In 2014, the institution’s expenditure was a total of €297.3 million, primarily made up of funding (€294.6 million), which was distributed as follows :

Besides this, CNDS’ own operating costs amounted to €2.7 million.

Results :
In 2014, CNDS’ deficit amounted to €23.7 million.
€23.8 million was subsequently drawn from the treasury on 31st December 2014, leaving €12.5 million.

The forecast for 2015

CNDS, like government Ministers and their teams, are committed to reducing public spending.

CNDS’ 2015 revenue forecast was €260.7 million, which is a decrease of €13 million from 2014.

The operating costs forecast in 2015 was €258.2 million.

The working capital is estimated at the end of 2015 to be €14.9million.

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