National Centre for the Sport Developpement
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‘I’m pleased to welcome you to our new website. The National Centre for the Development of Sport (CNDS) is a public administrative institution under the supervision of the ministry responsible for sports. In its role as government organisation, CNDS awards subsidies to associations and local councils involved in sports development.

On this site you will find everything you want to know about our organisation and governance. It shows how unique the organisation of sport is in France, connecting all the players in charge of public sports policy : the government, the national sports organisation community and local councils.

CNDS’ source of revenue is also unique. Its budget comes mainly from taxing the profits of ‘la Francaise des Jeux’ (gambling site) and from a tax called ‘Buffet tax’ on the television broadcasting rights of sporting events.

As such, by authorising these taxes, and redistributing the money to help sports associations and local councils, the government is actively supporting the Sport for All campaign. The guidelines set down by the Minister in charge of sports and CNDS’ board of directors serve to work towards less inequality in the amount of access local regions have in the practice of sports, and to promote a more welcoming environment for some people who are currently alienated from the practice of sports.

What’s more, since 2013, CNDS has been receiving sponsorship funds, allowing for the application of a targeted policy in sports. The Coca-Cola Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia, is CNDS’ first sponsor, providing financial support for three years to fund the campaign ‘Active, Healthy Living’. CNDS wants to expand this new type of funding to launch a public policy for sport.

Beyond the website’s simple informative role, I am available if you’d like to meet to talk about the options and possibilities for sports funding. By combining our knowledge and our experience, we are improving the way we do things, with the sole goal being the development of sport.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Jean-François GUILLOT, Managing Director of CNDS

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